Great Priory Ranks 2019

I am pleased to be able to tell the Province that the Grand Master has granted my request, to award three Brother Knights with their first ranks in the degree of Knight Templar and the corresponding rank in the Knights of Malta, and one promotion, and they will be invested at Great Priory on Wednesday 15th. May 2019, and Tuesday 19th. November 2019, at Great Queen Street, London.

First Appointment

Christopher W.G. Ansell: P Gt A de C (Hereward the Wake No, 439)
John S. Warne: P Gt A de C (Cabbell No.69)
Anthony K. Mason: P Gt Chamb (Holy Rood No. 179)


Peter D. Miles: P Gt Herald (Cabbell No. 69)

On behalf of the Province we congratulate them, and wish them all happiness and good health to enjoy their office with pride and satisfaction.

Stewart C. L. Middleton
Provincial Prior East Anglia