Knightly News No 9

I thought that it would be prudent to issue another copy of our own East Anglia publication, to let all the Brother Knights know that your executive are fit and well, and staying away from this horrible pandemic, that seems to be rearing its head once again, so I urge you all to be vigilant in making certain that we all stay safe and well, during these very trying times.

All the Provincial honours are now out, in both the Templar and Malta degrees, and once more I have to remind you all, that it is up to you, to let the Registrar of your Preceptory know; so that he has your correct name, address, email address, telephone number both land and mobile, because once again letters of appointments, have gone astray, as we have had the incorrect details on our systems. It is also up to the individual, to let the Provincial Vice Chancellor know, in writing, with the correct fee, and of course by the stipulated date on the offer letter.

It was unfortunate that we did not meet at Great Queen Street, on Tuesday 17th. November 2020, for our Annual Great Malta degree, but once again, on your behalf, I congratulate E. Knights. Nigel Gibson and Ian Macklin on their first Malta appointments and E. Knights Ian Dupont and John Maultby on their promotions.

I would like to thank all the Brother Knights who contributed £17,295.00, to the Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, which made East Anglia 12.45% of the total contributed, a splendid effort, but to those who did not contribute may I ask you, to take out a Direct Debit for the Eye Hospital, through our Provincial Treasurer, E. Kt. Roger Hack, to add to our total, so thank you in advance.

As we draw near to Christmas, may I remind you all, at 5.00 p.m. G.M.T. on Christmas Day, to find a quiet corner, and join in the good wishes for all their fellow Brother Knights, throughout the world.

Stewart C.L. Middleton K.C.T.
Provincial Prior

November 2020