I did not imagine that I would be writing issue number 2 so soon after issue number one, but over the last few weeks I have learned of so many misconceptions that have occurred in our Knight Templar and Knight of Malta degrees, so I will now hope to rectify these points.

The correct address for our Grand Master is, Most Eminent and Supreme Knight Paul Raymond Clement G.C.T. or G.C.M. and is to be used every time that we toast our Grand Master.

A Brother Knight that is working his way to the chair of either of our Orders, must be in either of the Constables or the Generals chairs for a full year, immaterial whether he has attended all the meetings, but I sincerely hope that having got that far, he will seriously think about his responsibilities of that chair.

I have made it quite clear over the years, that when a Brother Knight is admitted into the Malta degree, it is not necessary that he has the Malta regalia, but when he is on the Pentagonal Table I do expect him to be in the correct regalia, without exception.

Our Provincial meetings, which always occur on the fourth Saturday in February, and our Church Service which is always on the fourth Sunday in September, should be attended by Great Officers, active Provincial Officers of the year, in both Orders as well as the Preceptor’s, Prior’s, Constables (or Generals) Banner Bearers, and members of the Bodyguard. It seems almost unforgivable that Brother Knights claim that they do not know when these events occur!

I would of course like many more to attend our Provincial Banquet, which is on the fourth Saturday in November 2019, at Ufford Park, Melton, Woodbridge Suffolk, and next year on Saturday 18th. July 2020 at Clare College, Cambridge, which will be my last one. I would also like more to attend the meeting of Knights of Malta at Great Queen Street, London on Tuesday 19th. November 2019, and the Knight Templar meeting at the same venue, but on Wednesday 20th. May 2020, where I can promise you, that we will all have a splendid day out, please try and support those Brother Knights that have earned those appointments and promotions.

Several years ago we formed the Preceptory of Conformity under the watchful eye of E. Kt. David Abbott, who is now assisted by E. Knights Tony Mason and Mike Smith, and is there for you all, to practise and hone your skills in both degrees as well as the Installation ceremonies. None of us are that brilliant that we do not need to practise, so please all you Marshals and budding ones, as well as Preceptor’s, Priors and Brother Knights who are nearing the chair, please come along and make yourself even better.

With regards to the Officers in both Orders, the Executive and I go to so many meetings where the appointed Officers, as well as the candidates have not turned up, which has put a lot of hard work in jeopardy, please remember an acceptance of office is a pledge to attend, as you may not be invite to progress, if your attendance is not acceptable to the membership.

To those of you who are approaching the chair in the Malta degree, please can you make certain that you are fully conversant with the correct signs, words and the grip, as well as having the correct toast list, as believe it or not it is different to the one used in Knights Templar!

I think most of you will have heard that I will retire towards the end of 2020, after what will be a wonderful tenure of Office, and one which I can thank all of you for making it so enjoyable, so please let us all try and keep the Province of East Anglia one of the top Provinces and one to be admired.

Thank you all for your continued support for the Eye Hospital, and as you can all see from our latest Liber Book, we are certainly one of the leading Provinces, so please all of you, keep up the good work.

I look forward to seeing you all at our Annual Family Church Service , at St. Mary’s, Woodbridge on Sunday 22nd. September 2019, where we can all raise the roof once more.

Stewart C.L. Middleton K.C.T.
Provincial Prior