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The Centenary Meeting of the Province of East Anglia, 10 June 1982

The Centenary Meeting of the Provincial Priory of East Anglia on 10 June 1982 was preceded by a Festal Evensong on 6 June at the Cathedral Church of St. James, Bury St. Edmunds, by permission of the Provost, the Very Reverend Raymond Furnell, who took part in the Service and gave the Blessing. This was conducted by the Em. Kt. Rev. W.C. Spooner, P.Dep.Gt.Alm. and Provincial Prelate, assisted by the Em. Kts. Rev. Ronald Thompson, D.F.C., P.Gt.Alm., and Rev. Frank B. Evans P.Prov.Alm., while the stirring Address was given by the V.E. Kt. Rev. Canon R. Tydeman, M.A., Great Prelate. The V.S.L. was opened and closed by the Provincial Prior, R.E. Kt. Peter W. Racey, and the First and Second Lessons, taken from passages of Scripture familiar to all knights, were read by the Provincial Sub-Prior, the V.E. Kt. Leslie F. Edwards, P.Gt.Reg., and the Provincial Prior respectively. Among others, the Templar and Malta hymns were sung, and the banners of the ten constituent preceptories were blessed. The Service ended with the singing of the National Anthem. Approximately 120 knights, including a Malta delegation, took part in the presence of a large congregation of relatives, friends and other worshippers.

The Centenary Meeting of the Provincial Priory took place In the Masonic Temple at 47 St. Giles Street, Norwich, at 2.30 p.m. following a morning spent in rehearsal and a luncheon on the same premises at 1 p.m. at which the M.E. and S. Grand Master was guest of honour, together with his accompanying Officers and other distinguished visitors. The Sub-Prior, the V.E.Kt. Leslie F. Edwards, gave them a noteworthy welcome.

At 2.45 p.m. 104 knights assembled in the Bishop Bowers Temple.
The Procession of the Provincial Prelate, Em.Kt. Rev. W.C. Spooner, P.Dep.Gt. Almoner, entered the Temple led by the acting Deputy Commander of the Bodyguard, Em.Kt. Col.W.F. Page, M.C., T.D., P.P.First Const., EM.Kt.S.C. Banns, P.P.Capt. of Gds., Em.Kt. S.H. Billett, P.P.Dep.Mar., and two Prov. Aides-de-Camp, and accompanied by the Provincial Capt. of Gds., Em.Kt. A. L. Waller, the Provincial Warden of Regalia, Em.Kt. E.G. Bardwell, the Provincial Herald, Em.Kt. J.E. Ames, and the Provincial Almoner, Em.Kt. E.E. Swain.

There followed the Malta Procession, similarly led and comprising the Em.Kt. Lt.Col. C.T.A. Beevor, P.Gt.Adml., Em.Kt. Rev. R. Thompson. D.F.C., P.Gt.Hosp., Em.Kt. J.E. Ballam, T.D., P.Gt.Adml., Em.Kt. B.C. Culey, P.Gt.Adml., Em.Kt. R.W. Chitty, P.Gt.Baillie, and EM.Kt. J.Morris, P.Gt. Baillie.

There entered next the Provincial Sub-Prior's Procession, similarly led. The V.E. Sub-Prior was accompanied by V.E.Kt. L.M. Froude, P.Gt.Reg., Sub-Prior for Surrey, V.E.Kt. L.F. Blackman, P.Gt.Reg., Sub-Prior for Hertfordshire, Em.Kt. J.C. Bennett, P.Gt.Her., Sub-Prior for Northamptonshire, Huntingdonshire and Bedfordshire, V.E.Kt. K.S. Buck, P.Gt.Reg., Past Sub-Prior for Essex, V.E.Kt. R.F. Jones, P.Gt.Reg., Provincial Vice-Chancellor for Kent , Em.Kt. K.E. Elder, C., Prov. Vice-Chancellor for Hertfordshire, Em.Kt. R.F. Needs, C. Prov. Vice-Chancellor for Surrey, Em.Kt. J.F. Peaty, Prov. Vice-Chancellor for Essex, V.E.Kt. Sir J.R. Hodges, Bart., M.B.E., P.Gt.Reg., Em.Kt. E.S. South, P.Gt.Her., Em.Kt. E.E. White, P.Gt.Her., Em.Kt. J.C. Hounsfield, C.. Em. Kt. A.J. Morris, C., Em.Kt. A.E. Clarke, C., Em.Kt. Lt.Col. A. Parkin, O.B.E.. C., Em.Kt. F.R. Churchyard, P.Gt. C., Em.Kt. R.B. Skippen, C., Em.Kt. R. Barton, Gt.W.of R., Em.Kt. J.A. Porter, Gt.Capt.of Gds., and Em.Kt. A.E. Trott, Gt.Gd.

The last Provincial Procession to pass under the Arch of Steel was the Provincial Prior's, similarly led and in the following order: Em.Kt. J.A.S.. Seabert, P.Gt.Her., Prov. Vice-Chancellor, Em.Kt. L. King, P.Prov. Sec.Const., acting Treasurer, Em.Kt. K.A. George, Prov.Sec.Const., EM.Kt. K..G. Armstrong, Prov.First Const., Em.Kt. Col. G.S.H. Dicker, C.B.E., T.D. D.L. P.Gt.Swd.B., Prov. Chancellor, Em.Kt. Lt.Comdr. A.G.R. Butler, R.N.R., Prov.Std.B.(B), acting Prov. Sword Bearer, R.E.Kt. Peter W. Racey, Prov. Prior, Em.Kt. A.W. West, Prov. Banner Bearer, and Em.Kt. R.C. Crighton, Gt.Std.B.(B), acting Marshal.

The Roll of Provincial Officers was called, and the R.E. Provincial Prior was saluted with "seven".

The Great Marshal, R.E.Kt. Brig. G.L. Galloway, G.C.T., entered and announced that the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master was without and demanded admission. An Escort was formed of the Deputy Commander of the Bodyguard. Em.Kt. Col. W.F. Page, two members of the Bodyguard and the two Provincial Aides de Camp, which led in the Grand Master's Procession in the following order: the R.E.Kt. W.J. Leake, G.C.T., Great Vice-Chancellor, R.E.Kt. D.N. Foister, K.C.T., Provincial Prior for Leicestershire, R.E.Kt. A.M.W. Bales, K.C.T., Provincial Prior for Warwickshire, R.E.Kt. R.L. Ringrose, Provincial Prior for Lincolnshire, R.E.Kt. C.D. Anderson, Prov. Prior for Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, R.E.Kt. Rev. G.L. North, Provincial Prior for Northamptonshire, Huntingdonshire and Bedfordshire, R.E.Kt. T.R. Chatfield, Provincial Prior for Surrey, R.E.Kt. U.A.D. Padmore, Provincial Prior for Middlesex, R.E.Kt. Dr. A.J. Owen, Provincial Prior for Hertfordshire, V.E.Kt. Rev.Canon R. Tydeman, Great Prelate, V.E. Kt. F.C. Hughes, P.Gt.Reg., Provincial Prior-designate for Essex, Et.Kt. Dr. R.J. Edney, P.Dep.Gt. Marshal, Provincial Prior-designate for Kent, Em. Kt. Lt.Col.F.W. Seal-Coon, P.Dep.Gt.Swd.B., as Great Sword Bearer, the M.E. and S. Grand Master. Harold Devereux Still, G.C.T., Em.Kt. Major A.H.M. Middleton, M.C.,T.D., Prov. Treas., as Grand Master's Banner Bearer, and the R.E.Kt. Brig. G.L. Galloway, D.S.O.,O.B.E., G.M., G.C.T., Great Marshal.

The Grand Master was received by the Provincial Prior. who tendered his baton: this was received with thanks and returned with the request that the Provincial Prior continue in charge of the proceedings. The Provincial Prior welcomed the Grand Master, who was saluted with "eleven,, under the direction of the Great Marshal. The Grand Master acknowledged the salutation.

The Provincial Vice-Chancellor called the roll of the following knights who had "heard and obeyed the Great Captain's call and departed for the Holy City" since the Province's last meeting;
Em.Kt. N. Tetlow, P.P.Const. (Cheshire). Cabbell Preceptory No.69;
Bro.Kt. F.J. Turner, Cabbell Preceptory No.69;
Em.Kt. J.A. Smith, P.P.Const., Tancred Preceptory No.102;
Bro.Kt. J. Betchener, Preceptory of the Holy Rood No.179;
Bro.Kt. H. Robinson, Lynn Regis Preceptory No.330;
Bro.Kt. R.S. Peatfield, Preceptory of St. John No.418.

The knights stood with reversed swords as the Provincial Prelate offered prayers and the Dead March was played.

The minutes of the meeting held at Great Yarmouth on 25 April 1981, having been circulated to all members, were confirmed and signed.

The annual reports of the ten constituent Preceptories were presented to the Provincial Prior by their Preceptors, who were accompanied by their banners.

The Provincial Vice-Chancellor reported that many apologies for their inability to attend had been received from members of the Province, and apologies and best wishes from the following:
R.E.Kt. Major General Sir Ralph Hone, K.C.M.G., K.B.E., M.C., T.D., Q.C., G.C.T., Great Chancellor;
R.E.Kt. Dr.G.L.C. Colenso-Jones, G.C.M., Great Prior (of Malta);
R.E.Kt. H.B. Raylor, K.C.T., Provincial Prior for North and East Yorkshire;
R.E.Kt. C.H.V. Elliott, T.D., N.A., K.C.T., Provincial Prior for Nottinghamshire;
R.E.Kt. L.F. Cheney, O.B.E., K.C.T., Provincial Prior for Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire;
R.E.Kt. Rev.A.V. Calver, T.D., M.A., Provincial Prior for Sussex;
V.E.Kt. Rev.J.H. Arbuckle, P.Gt.Prel., Provincial Sub-Prior for Lincolnshire;
Em.Kt. G.B. Bence, P.Gt.Her., Sub-Prior for Gloucestershire and Herefordshire;
V.E.Kt. R.J. Weatherhead, P.Gt.Reg., Provincial Vice-Chancellor for Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire;
Em.Kt. F.W. Warburton, P.Gt.Std.B.(V.B.), Provincial Sub-Prior for Leicestershire and Rutland;
Em.Kt. H.W. Tassell, C., Provincial Vice-Chancellor for Leicestershire and Rutland;
Em.Kt. F.C.J. Smith, C., Provincial Vice-Chancellor for Northamptonshire, Huntingdonshire and Bedfordshire;
Em.Kt. J. Holmes, Provincial Vice-Chancellor for Lincolnshire;
Em.Kt. A.A. Carter, Provincial Vice-Chancellor for Nottinghamshire;
Em.Kt. J.W.A. Webster, Provincial Vice-Chancellor for Sussex;
Em.Kt. Sqn.Ldr. R.T.W. Jones, Provincial Vice-Chancellor for Gloucestershire and Herefordshire;
V.E.Kt. A. Craddock, P.Gt.Reg.;
Em.Kt. G.B.W. Kent, T.D., Asst. Provincial Grand Master for Hertfordshire.

The adoption of the accounts for the year ending 31 March 1982, which had been approved by the Provincial Prior's Council and circulated to all members, was put by the Provincial Prior and carried, with thanks to the Auditor.

Donations of £200.00 to the Hospital of St. John at Jerusalem and of £20.00 to Friends of Cornwallis Court were proposed by Em.Kt. B.O. Culey, P.Gt.Std.B.(V.B.), seconded by Em.Kt. G.M. Dupont, Prov.Sec.Const., put to the meeting and carried.

In accordance with a notice of motion given at the previous meeting, the Provincial Vice-Chancellor proposed an amendment to By-law 8 increasing the annual fee for each knight to £1.00. This was seconded by the Em.Kt. R.C. Crighton, Gt.Std.B. (B.), put to the meeting and carried.

Em.Kt. D.E. Harvey, Preceptor of Walsingham Preceptory No.497, proposed that Bro.Kt. H.A. Evans be elected Guard for the ensuing year. This was seconded by Em.Kt. T.G. Hiscock, Preceptor of Royal Plantagenet Preceptory No.80, put to the meeting and carried.

The Provincial Prior then appointed and invested his Officers. The members of the Bodyguard were presented to the Provincial Prior, who thanked them for their loyal support and congratulated them on the manner in which they had performed their duties.

The Provincial Prior announced that he had received an invitation from the Royal Plantagenet Preceptory No.80 to hold the next meeting of Provincial Priory under its banner at Great Yarmouth on 30 April 1983, and he accepted with pleasure.

The Provincial Sub-Prior, V.E.Kt. Leslie F. Edwards, P.Gt.Reg., read a copy of a letter from Great Priory to the Preceptor of Cabbell Preceptory No.69, Norwich, dated 3 June 1882, as follows:
To: Eminent Sir Knight G.W.G. Barnard, Great Priory
Preceptor, England and Wales
Cabbell Preceptory, 22 Chancery Lane, London, W.C.
Norwich. 3rd. June, 1882

Eminent Sir Knight,

I beg leave to inform you that the Very High &.Eminent Great Prior has been pleased, with the concurrence of the Provincial Prior of Suffolk and Cambridge, V.E. Sir Knight Capn. N.G. Philips, and of the Preceptories in that Province, as also of your Preceptory, to constitute the Province of East Anglia, to comprise the Province of Suffolk and Cambridge, and your Preceptory, with any other Preceptory which may hereafter be founded in the County of Norfolk, and his Lordship has placed it under the command of the V.E. Sir Knight Captain N.G. Philips.

I remain,
Eminent Sir Knight,
Yours fraternally,

and another as follows:
WJL/JEP Chancery of the Orders,
Ref: KT/PP/7 86, St. James's Street,
R.E.K.t. P.W. Racey, London, SW1A 1PL.
Provincial Prior for East Anglia, 9th November, 1981
Holly Trees,
2 Hillside Road,
Norfolk NR12 8PG.

Dear and R.E.Kt. Racey,

Thank you for your letter of 2nd November, 1981.

I confirm that the Province of East Anglia came into being on 3rd June, 1882, superseding and incorporating the Province of Suffolk and Cambridge, and I note that you propose, to celebrate the Centenary at a meeting of Provincial Priory on Thursday, 10th June, 1982, at Norwich, preceded by a luncheon.

I am glad to tell you that the M.E. and S. Grand Master has been pleased to accept your invitation to attend this Centenary Meeting; I shall write to you again, nearer the date, concerning detailed arrangements for his visit. Provinces are, of course, constituted by the Grand Master for the time being, but are not warranted; therefore there can be no question of a Centenary Warrant.
The M.E. and S. Grand Master has signified that, to mark the Centenary of the Province, he will be prepared to award one additional Great Rank in 1982.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,
Great Vice-Chancellor

The Provincial Prelate, Em.Kt. Rev.W.C. Spooner, P.Dep.Gt.Alm., gave an Oration in celebration of the Centenary and illuminating the aims and objects of the Order and of this Province.

The M.E. and S. Grand Master then addressed the gathering, giving a brief history of the Province and congratulating it on the expansion that had taken place since 1882, when Cabbell Preceptory was the only representative of Norfolk, whereas there were now six preceptories in the County. he asked the members to continue to work for the Order and to look forward to the next hundred years. The address was received with acclamation. The Provincial Prior thanked the Grand Master for his Address and for his kindness in honouring the assembly by his presence.

Alms were collected while the Templars' Hymn was sung, and amounted to £111.15.

The Great Marshal called the knights to order and the Grand Master and his retinue retired in recessional order.

The Provincial Prior then addressed the knights, thanking them for their attendance. He thanked all those who had worked to make the occasion such a great success, particularly the Em.Kt. J.A.S. Seabert, P.Gt.Her., Vice-Chancellor; the Em.Kt. R.C. Crighton, Gt.Std.B.(B.), (who had stepped in at very short notice to take over the duties of Marshal); Em.Kt. G.R. Deller, Prov. First Const., of Cabbell Preceptory, who had been of enormous help; and Bro.Kt. A.S.G. Saville, Curator of the Library and Museum, who had arranged the display of items from the various preceptories of the Province, which was much admired and appreciated.

He mentioned the absence through illness of the Provincial Marshal, Em.Kt. E.W. Crowe, P.Gt.Her., and of other knights prevented from attending for the same reason, and he wished them all a speedy recovery.

He thanked the ladies - Mrs. Racey, Mrs. Seabert and Mrs.Deller for arranging the delightful displays of flowers on the Altar and on the luncheon tables. He also referred to the church service at Bury St. Edmunds the previous Sunday, and thanked the knights and their ladies for their support and the Great Prelate, Em.Kt. Rev. Canon Richard Tydeman, M.A.. for his very informative Address.

The Provincial Priory was closed at 4.45 p.m. and after the singing of the National Anthem the Provincial Prior, accompanied by his principal Officers, retired in recessional order under the Arch of Steel, followed by the Provincial Sub-Prior and his retinue, the Malta Delegation, and the Provincial Prelate with his retinue.

The number of knights of the Province in the Temple was 139 out of a total of 410, plus 30 visitors.

The Provincial Priory of Malta,
14th July 1982

This Meeting of the Provincial Priory of East Anglia, part of the Centenary celebrations, opened at 4.30 p.m. in the Masonic Hall, Wroxham, under the banner of Cabbell Priory No.69. It was opened by the V.E. Sub-Prior by command of the R.E. Provincial Prior. The Officers appointed on 25 April 1981 and therefore serving at this meeting were:

V.E.Kt. L.F. Edwards, P.Gt.1st.Lieut. Sub-Prior
Em.Kt. Col. G.S.H. Dicker, C.B.E., T.D., D.L., P.Gt.Swd.B. Captain General
Em.Kt. Lt.Col. F.W. Seal-Coon., P.Gt.Swd.B. Lieutenant General
Em. Kt. A. Norris, P.Gt. Baillie First Lieutenant
Em.Kt. D.T. Mortimer Second Lieutenant
Em.Kt. Rev. R. Thompson, D.F.C., P.Gt.Hosp. Chaplain
Em.Kt. E.W. Crowe, P.Gt.2nd.Lieut. Mareschal
Em.Kt. W.N. Farrar. P.Gt.Hosp. Deputy Mareschal
Em.Kt. Col. W.F. Page Hospitaller
Em.Kt. W.W.H. Butler Admiral
Em.Kt. L.C. Christensen Conservator
R.J. Wall Baillie
Em.Kt. S.C. Banns Turcopolier
Em.Kt. J.A.S. Seabert, P.Gt.2nd.Lieut. Chancellor
Em.Kt. J.E. Ames Treasurer
Em.Kt. A.W. Harvey Captain of Outposts
Em.Kt. G.R. Linley Organist
Bro.Kt. G. Hewitt Guard

After the confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting, the Provincial Prior addressed the gathering (see Addresses following), after which he appointed his Officers for 1982/83.

The Sub-Prior then reported on the state of the several Priories as follows:
"Right Eminent Provincial Prior, Cabbell Priory, in which we have the pleasure of meeting today, played an important part in the formation of the Province of East Anglia, so it is appropriate that in this, our Centenary Year, the Provincial Priory meeting should be held under their banner.
"Last year I extended a warm welcome to the new Walsingham Priory, with the hope that they would soon undertake their first Malta ceremony. Right Eminent Provincial Prior, that hope was realised in February of this year.
"I am very pleased to report that throughout the Province it has been my privilege and pleasure to witness ceremonies of good masonic craftsmanship when visiting Priories.
In this respect we welcome and tender our good wishes to the new Knights of Malta who were installed by the following Priors:
Em.Kt. S.G. Elmes Prudence Priory installed 3 knights
Em.Kt. J.H. Smellie Cabbell Priory " 2 "
Em.Kt. W.P. Platten Royal Plantagenet Priory " 2 "
Em.Kt. A.G. Butler Tancred Priory " 2 "
Em.Kt. B. Johnson Holy Rood Priory " 1 "
Em.Kt. S.H. Billett Lynn Regis Priory " 2 "
Em.Kt. E.G. Bardwell Priory of St. John " 3 "
Em.Kt. G. Clayton-Smith Hereward the Wake Priory " 3 "
Em.Kt. Lt.Col. F.W. Seal-Coon Walsingham Priory " 3 "

May these 21 knights continue to progress and play their part in furthering the reputation of Christian brotherhood in the everyday world in which we live.
"To you, Right Eminent Provincial Prior, we express our warmest appreciation for your guidance, for the justice with which you rule over us, and for the kindly manner in which you grace our proceedings.
"Right Eminent Provincial Prior, I submit my report for your acceptance.

Leslie F. Edwards"

Alms were collected during the singing of the Malta Hymn, and the V.E. Provincial Sub-Prior closed the Provincial Priory at the request of the R.E. Provincial Prior.

This meeting was followed by one of the Cabbell Priory No.69 at which two knights were installed and the Em.Kt. Deller installed his successor as Prior. Afterwards the knights present repaired to an excellent dinner prepared and served by the Ladies of Wroxham.


At the Provincial Priory of Knights Templar on 10 June 1982

Provincial Prior's welcome to the M.E. & S. Grand Master:
"Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, on behalf of the Knights Templar of the Province of East Anglia, I welcome you and your retinue to our meeting of Provincial Priory and our Centenary celebration. We are highly honoured that you should grace our historic meeting, and we are awaiting your Address with much pleasure."

Oration by the Provincial Prelate:

"Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, Right Eminent Provincial Prior, Right Eminent Knights, Very Eminent and Eminent Knights, Brother Knights: Since it will be more adequately dealt with in another context, it is no part of my duty or purpose to recite the history of this Province, but rather to recapitulate the original purpose of its Founders and to seek to express, at least in part, our own aspirations.

"We celebrate today not only one hundred years of the existence of this Province, but also a century of impact and influence upon the wider body of Freemasonry, upon Knight Templary in general and upon this Province in particular. It is merely a statement of the obvious that for reasons of human frailty none of the original members can physically participate in today's celebration, but it is clear from this very assembly that the work they began then was built upon a sure foundation. We who do share in the events of this day must, inevitably, see the occasion not only as a celebration, significant as that is, but also as a challenge. It must be part of our dedication of ourselves today that the next century shall be as fruitful as the one we now celebrate.

"In that century the Order has made tremendous progress. Ritual has crystallised and been made subject to approval. Statutes and by-laws are now positive and comprehensive. We are aware that the numbers of Provinces and preceptories have increased throughout the world and that, because of this, greater understanding exists in this context between country and country. The careful selection of men to guide the Provinces and preceptories has further enhanced the reputation of the Order.

"Even modest research convinces us that these influences for good which emanate from Knight Templary have deeply permeated many areas of human activity. Thus one might be tempted to ask: What room now remains for foward movement in our Order, with its practices and procedures so well established, approved and appreciated?

"We may look back with pride to the Founders of the Province. That is our joy. The responsibility which accompanies that joy is to ensure that we and those who come after us are equipped to continue this work. Nostalgia must never be allowed to stifle our enterprise! What, then, is our task today? Many of you will have read Michael Baigent's 'Holy Blood and Holy Grail', and will have assessed its literary and historical value for yourselves. Quoting William of Tyre, he tells us that the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Jerusalem was founded by Hugues de Payens in 1118. He and his eight comrades dedicated themselves to keeping safe the highways to Jerusalem for the pilgrims. If that be true, then our purpose must obviously differ from the original. But it must always be right to assist in cultivating that kind of society where care and courtesy continue to be significant; where all men may walk safely; wherein a man may develope those qualities which shall constrain him to dedicate his powers to the service of his brother.

"As Knights of this Order we are, ideally, engaged in great things. We deal with human lives; the weapons in our armoury are those principles embodied in any acceptably defined thesis of Christian Pilgrimage and human welfare. It would be incredible if Knight Templary had nothing to teach concerning those fundamentals upon which human life, at its best, is based. It does contain a philogeny of life and guidance towards those better relationships which can and should exist between man and man. 'I draw my sword in-defence of ' is as appropriate a declaration now as at any time in human history.

"Suffice it now to say that Knight Templary enables us to build our bridges over many boundaries, that men of different thought may cross over and meet one another as members of one family under the one Universal Father.

"So, Brethren, we celebrate today the founding of this Province and we may pray that, while giving thanks for the labours of the past, we may maintain the enthusiasms and purposes of Knight Templary here in our own day, continuing the idealism and dedication they exhibited a century ago.
The ambitions of great men,the suspicions of little men, and the misunderstanding of many men may undermine the structure of any ideal in any generation, but if the foundation is sure, nothing can finally destroy that which is good.
The Chinese (but who else?) have this saying among so many others:
'To plant for a year, sow grain.
To plant for a lifetime, plant trees.
To plant for eternity, plant men!'

This Order demands that we entrust our present - and our future - to men, to men of honour."

The Grand Master's Address:
"My Brother Knights, may I first remind you that this is a very special occasion in the history of this Province of East Anglia? I am sure that it is well known to most of you that as long ago as 1867 there was constituted the Templar Province of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire., which grew by 1882 to consist of three Preceptories: Prudence No.16, Royal Plantagenet No.80, and Tancred No.102. Also, since 1862 there had been stationed in Norwich Cabbell Preceptory No.69, and it was in that year of 1882 that these four preceptories were brought together and formed into the Province of East Anglia, with Captain Nathaniel G. Philips as its first Provincial Prior.

"That, very briefly, is the history of those early years, but let us now pass on to the time when, 50 years having passed, this Province of East Anglia, now with Holy Rood Preceptory No.179 added to it, reached the year of its Jubilee. Jubilee takes its name from the Hebrew 'jobil', a ram's horn or trumpet, and it is written: 'Six years shalt thou sow thy field and prune thy vineyard then shalt thou cause the Trumpet of the Jubilee to sound and ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, it shall be a Jubilee unto you ye shall not sow nor reap.' So, the Jubilee was a time for rest, celebration and thanksgiving for the past, and a moment to look forward to renewed good work in the future.

"And today another seven sabbaths of years have passed, during which another five preceptories have been added to you (Lynn Regis No.330, St. John No.418, Hereward the Wake No.439, Walter Short No.451 and Walsingham No.497);a centenary of existence and also the celebration of your double jubilee; again a time of rejoicing for the success of the past and, above all, a moment when you can look forward with confidence to the future, with even more opportunity to follow in the footsteps of your predecessors in the Province and of those even more remote knights from whom we derive the principles which we are so often enjoined to observe.

"There is no Centenary Warrant or other document which I can hand over on the occasion of the Centenary of a Province, but I do bring to you my own very best wishes, with those of Great Priory, for the continued happiness and prosperity of the Province of East Anglia. I hope that this may be recorded in the minutes of this meeting, and that those minutes may be read out when, in due course, you attain your Bi-centenary. I may not be able to be present on that occasion, but I shall be there in spirit.

"It was at Great Yarmouth in July 1978 that I had the pleasure of investing your present Provincial Prior, Right Eminent Knight Peter Racey, in the charge of the Province. Under his leadership you have greatly prospered and with now ten preceptories, the newest Walsingham No.497 which he consecrated, I know that you will go on from strength to strength.'
Thanks to the M.E. & S. Grand Master after his Address.

The Provincial Prior said: "When I welcomed you, I said we were looking forward to your Address with much pleasure and we have not been disappointed. In September the history of the Province will be published and I hope you will agree to a copy of your Address being included. We are most fortunate to have Eminent Knight Freddie Seal-Coon as a knight in this Province. He is a member of Quatuor Coronati Lodge and has written a most excellent history of Freemasonry in Jamaica: he volunteered to write the history of this Province and we will send you a copy as soon as It is published.

"Once again I must thank you for gracing our proceedings. I realise how full your diary is and that this week has been a particularly strenuous one for you. Normally, our Provincial meetings are held on a Saturday as many of our knights cannot attend afternoon meetings on weekdays. All present have greatly appreciated your presence and your words."

Provincial Prior's Address to Provincial Priory:

"Brother Knights, I cannot let this afternoon pass without expressing my thanks to you all for your support on this historic occasion. I know that several have been unable to attend because of their work in their professions and businesses: I can particularly think of schoolmasters who have sent me special messages; even my own son through business priority. They all have my sympathy, but I am pleased that they have their priorities right!

"Eminent Knight Seabert, the Vice-Chancellor, deserves the greatest acclamation you can give him! Jimmy, you have been a wonder! The work you have done for today has been tremendous and I thank you sincerely. Your dear wife, Cissie, has given you immense help. Please give her our grateful thanks. I realise that without her co-operation we could not have enjoyed this success. I will have more to say to her at the Ladies' Summer Party. Next I must thank Eminent Knight Roland Crighton, who at seven days' notice took on the job of Marshal today - as well as the church service last Sunday at even shorter notice! He, too, deserves your applause.

"Finally, I must thank my Sub-Prior for his loyalty, advice and assistance. Leslie, I do appreciate having you by my side and the many hours of work you do for the Order. I couple all the other Provincial Officers with these thanks. They have helped to make the day such a success, especially Geoffrey Deller and Sidney Saville: the latter organised the splendid display.
"Brother Knights, let us go forward with confidence into the next century, inspired by that beautiful Oration given by our Provincial Prelate, the Rev. W.C. Spooner."

At the Provincial Priory of Knights of Malta on 14 July 1982
Address by the Provincial Prior:

"As this meeting is part of our Centenary celebrations, I am pleased that we have taken the opportunity of stressing the importance of this Order by holding its meeting on a separate day for the first time in our history. To be realistic, enthusiasm for this Order in East Anglia has only sprung up in recent years. Though Cabbell Priory worked the degrees, very few others did so and there was no Provincial Priory of Malta as there is today.

"I feel I can do no better than to repeat part of my report, when I was Sub-Prior, at the Provincial Priory of Malta on 15 May 1976, as this will remind us all of recent history.

"In 1968 the late V.E. Kt. Jack Nelson Baldry was appointed by the Provincial Prior as Sub-Prior of the Temple for the Province of East Anglia. We have never had a more enthusiastic or hardworking knight in our Province. He particularly directed his energies to the Malta Order. Each Preceptory was cajoled, encouraged and assisted by him to 'work' the Malta Degree and gradually his efforts bore fruit. I was among the first knights he 'convinced* in his 'crusade', and my own Lynn Regis Preceptory was the first to have a special evening for its Priory meeting. I remember that we 'bribed' the knights to attend by putting on a nine-course meal which included two suckling pigs and a different wine with each course! These days, no such 'bribes' are required; the Order is very popular and most Priories have copied Lynn Regis's example. For this reason it was decided in 1976 to have a separate Provincial Priory of Malta with its own Officers, so that the special work of knights in this Order might be rewarded. At the same time, it was the special duty of the Sub-Prior to 'keep his eye on' the work of the Priories and make a report at the annual meeting.

"I am pleased to note that our visitors from other Provinces have been greatly impressed by the work of our individual Priories, and have gone back to their own and encouraged their knights to work the Degree in their individual Priories.

"No doubt Jack Baldry would be highly delighted to see how the Malta has prospered. It is a fine memorial to him and long may it remain so. He would have particularly praised the great enthusiasm, loyalty and hard work of my Provincial Officers. I know that he would agree with me that one of our greatest workers is Geoffrey Deller, and without doubt this is 'Geoffrey Deller Day': on that we must all agree. I wish to thank Cabbell Priory for two things: firstly for installing me into this Malta Order some quarter of a century ago, and secondly for organising, under our Chancellor, Jimmy Seabert, the holding of this meeting under their banner. After this meeting we shall proceed to a meeting of Cabbell Priory and I am sure we shall witness a first class ceremony by the Prior of Cabbell, Geoffrey Deller. I congratulate all those who have received Provincial rank today, and I thank you all for your attendance."