Provincial Priory of East Anglia

KT Officers 2023-2024

Provincial KT Active Appointments 2023-2024

Sub Prior J. Rowell 439
Prelate J.A. Elmore 418
Chancellor P.D. Miles 69
1st Constable B.N. Higgins 497
2nd Constable K.C. McCully 80
Registrar A.K. Mason 179
Treasurer R.R. Hack 497
Vice-Chancellor P.T. Coles 451
Marshal R. Shaw 667
Deputy Marshal M. Smith 544
Deputy Marshal D.B. Hedges 667
Almoner R.C. Callaby 497
1st Herald D. Bowman 102
2nd Herald N.J. Bowsher 179
St. Bearer (B) P.M. Royal 692
St. Bearer (VB) S.A. Sheriff 439
Banner Bearer D.K. Parry 179
Sword Bearer    
Aide-de-Camp B.P. Adams 179
Aide-de-Camp S.J. Burrell 330
Warden of Regalia R.P.J. Dor 544
Chamberlain B.A. Nestor 69
Capt. of Guards W.E. Garner 330
Organist D.E.H. Adams 179
Guard R. Shields 677
Commander of Guard    
Dep. Commander of Guard    
Reg. of Guard M.K. Hardy-Shepherd 692
Provincial KT Past Rank Promotions    
PP 2nd Constable R.G. Hoskins 451
PP Registrar R.N. Brown 439
PP Registrar M.A. Cook 80
PP Registrar B.C. Thrower 677
PP Herald E.T. Moore 451
PP StB (B) E.J. Flack 418
PP StB (VB) P.J. Brindle 179