Provincial Priory of East Anglia

Preceptory of Conformity

The above Chapter has been introduced to help all Brother Knights, three of four times a year, in the performance of their ritual and to make them more confident in the delivery of the words, as very few Preceptories appear to have separate rehearsals, and it is the Provincial Priors wish that all of us can improve, to the benefit of each and everyone of us.

The year is from 1st. December until 30th. November, where each Brother Knight who attends, is asked to pay a one off cost per year of £10.00, to help defray costs of room hire etc. Meals, if taken, will be charged separately and will be charged on the night.

It will meet in January, June, September and November each year.

Conformity: a Provincial Preceptory of Improvement.

When we see any military parade including the trooping of the Colour or a Beating of the Retreat, few comment on the uniforms or what the ceremony represents but all, comment on the marching and general drill. Drill is the first and most obvious point of observation. We are members of the Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the temple and St John of Jerusalem and as such we should ensure that our drill and our ceremonies are as good as we can get them.

Following a call from the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master for Knights to attend the King Edward 7th Preceptory of Improvement and having seen throughout the Province, instances of poor drill, a lack of knowledge of the ceremony, no real understanding of what much of the ceremony means and often no rehearsals for Knights, I lobbied the Provincial Prior to allow me to attend and put myself forward to run a Preceptory of Improvement for all Knights of the Province whatever rank.

Our Provincial Preceptory of Improvement, called Conformity, because it conforms strictly to the ceremonies as laid down by the Great Priory, has now been running since 2012 and attendance numbers are increasing. We have also placed the meetings on a more formal basis with a President, a Registrar, Treasurer and Auditors. We usually have between twenty to forty members each meeting and many are senior Knights within the Province.Our meetings are beneficial to junior Knights, those approaching the chair, beginning their first ceremonies in that illustrious position, Marshals and Deputy Marshals.

We rehearse the ceremonies of KT and Malta but also we spend time discussing those parts of the ceremonies which members are unsure of or do not understand. We practise the correct drill and . importantly at all our meetings we have experienced knights present to offer support to all those from their first entry into the orders and onwards. The attendance of The Provincial Prior and Sub Prior at almost all meetings gives them and the members a chance to meet under less formal circumstances and to speak of any matters which are troubling.

All Knights however long standing in the Orders are urged to come along and take part. It is easy to fall into wrong practises, to get words wrong or not to be aware of any changes. Conformity is where we can deal with these problems, meet under convivial circumstances and importantly all learn from each other.

Our dates are on the East Anglian website and we do not require uniform other than swords and belts on the night. We meet at Diss which is central and we usually finish with either fish or a pie and chips. Members arrive from 6.00pm and finish between 9.00 to 9.15pm.

EKt David Abbott P Gt A de C