Provincial Priory of East Anglia

Provincial Bodyguard

The Present Members of the Provincial Priors’ Bodyguard are:-   

  • Commander: EKt Craig Carr, Walter Short 451
  • Dep Commander: Kt Michael Hawkes, Royal Plantagenet 80
  • Registrar: Kt Robert Clack, Cabbell 69
  • Zone Commander East: Kt Andrew Panter, Beeston Regis 667
  • Zone Commander West: Kt Melvyn Eke, Martyn 544
  • Quartermaster: Kt Roger Dor, Martyn 544
  • Kt AJ Barrett, 538
  • Kt Graham Clapperton, Hereward the Wake 439
  • EKt Richard Brown, Beeston Regis 667
  • Kt Nigel Hood, Cabbell 69
  • Kt IC Huggett, Lynn Regis 330
  • Kt Andrew Klausner, Beeston Regis 667
  • Kt LAM Loades, 692
  • Kt Nicholas Mills, Peter Cannon Meridian 692
  • Kt Clive Oldham, Lynn Regis 330
  • Kt Anthony Smith, Dunwich 538
  • Kt Jeremy Winder, Lynn Regis 330
  • EKt Antony Wooderson, Dunwich 538

Any member of the Provincial Priors’ Bodyguard can select from his own Preceptory any Brother Knight, who he feels, is like minded and of a suitable personality to work with the other Brother Knights, he can then be recommended to the Provincial Prior for his consideration, and if approved by the Provincial Executive, he may be invited to join, maybe even after a period of probation.


At their own Preceptory and Priory Meetings.


Smartness is an essential quality.


Tidy, clean shoes and pressed Knights Templar and Malta Regalia


All the correct sword drills laid down in our Ritual Books, as well as accepting all commands from the Commander or his Deputies.

The final decision always rests with the Provincial Prior, who will speak to the Brother Knight individually, before he receives the Official invitation to undertake the duties of his Bodyguard.

The main requirements for each member of the Bodyguard should be:-

  1. To attend the Provincial Meeting and if possible the meal.
  2. The Annual Family Church Service in Regalia.
  3. The three Annual Provincial visits, two in Knights Templar and one in Knights of Malta, usually one in each Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge.
  4. Acting as the Bodyguard to the Provincial Prior or his Sub Prior at all Installation meetings within the Province, both in Knights Templar or Knights of Malta regalia.

The Bodyguard are handpicked volunteers, making them ‘Ambassadors’ of the Province. Their duties are to escort the Provincial Prior and Sub Prior on official engagements around the Province of East Anglia.

Being members of the Bodyguard enables them to visit other Preceptories, which they otherwise might not attend, thus meeting other Brother Knights, and widening the circle of friends.

Interested? Then contact the Registrar